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An international social network to prevent and reduce headache, neck and shoulder pain

This initiative follows two studies of more than 2,300 local government employees, where with the same program we obtained a reduction of almost 40 per cent of headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and pain killer usage.
Subsequently, in June 2009, the program was made available to the residents of the entire Piemonte region.
This social network is the logical expansion of the previous initiatives. Now everybody in the world has free access to the same program that has already proven to be successful on a great number of individuals.

The great value of this program is that it is self administered and easy to apply. It consists of simple exercises and tricks that you will be able to perform whenever is most convenient for you, without leaving your workplace and with very low expenditure of time and energy.
Moreover, you will be able, if you wish, to interact with the network, describe your problem (how it started and developed along time)!

Our results

For a better evaluation of the efficacy of the project, please have a look at the two graphs of the results obtained from the study conducted with employees of the City of Turin. These results were published in a major international journal in 2006. The first graph shows the frequency of headache (days per month with headache in the first eight months) of the group of subjects who started the program in May 2005 (pink line) compared with the second group (blu line) that started six months later in October 2005.

You may observe a progressive and significant improvement that, except in August when the majority of the subjects were on vacation, did not occur in the second group. A similar improvement was also observed for the neck pain.

The second graph shows the amount of pain killers taken for headache or neck pain. Also in this case, the quantity of medicines taken by the first group (blu columns) in October 2005 was about 40% less that that of the second group (red columns).

Moreover, in April 2006, the second group improved significantly after having performed our program while in the first group the results stayed stable or even improved further.

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