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A social network to prevent and reduce headache, neck, and shoulder pain.

Headache, neck, and shoulder pain are major health problems. The costs of these conditions are extremely high and they may significantly deteriorate the quality of an individualís life.
We strongly believe that more can be done to prevent and abate these problems. For this purpose, we have put together a cognitive and exercise program that has proven to be highly beneficial in reducing the quantity of drugs required for pain management and for improving their efficacy.
The effectiveness of this program has been confirmed in two studies of more than 2,300 local Government employees in Turin. Subsequently, in June 2009, the program was made available to the residents of the entire Piemonte region.

This social network is the logical expansion of these previous initiatives and has a potentially unlimited scope.
Now, everybody in the world has free access to the same program that has already proven to be successful for many individual patients.
Moreover, visitors will be able to interact with network members, describe their problems, ask questions, exchange information, and share their own life experiences if they wish.

In the reserved section, clinicians may look at the material provided, decide whether to recommend that their patients enrol, express their opinions, participate in debates, and present their own clinical and research data. They will also have access to the accumulated educational and scientific material that will be regularly updated on the site.
Also, thanks to them, this initiative may represent a great step forward in the daily struggle for the prevention and abatement of such frequent and painful events.

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